Working with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) we are helping to improve the Custodial Estate through the delivery of new accommodation and refurbishment. We have partnered with MoJ for over 20 years delivering projects across England and Wales, including entirely new prisons through to cell enhancements and infrastructure improvements.

In conjunction with the MoJ, we have delivered new cell capacity in both the public and private sectors, and constructed extensive supporting infrastructure, enhancing the living conditions and improving life chances of the prison population.

We make extensive use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), delivering one of the first BIM level 2 Government pilot projects at HMP Cookham Wood using a predominantly off-site manufactured building solution. We also recognise the security requirements for MoJ establishments and have tried and tested methodologies to maintain productivity and offer best value.

In addition we support the Custodial sector by delivering work across Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service, including the enhancing of many Courts to ensure Covid-19 compliance.