Our Infrastructure business is highly experienced in delivering critically important projects that help uphold the functionality and economy of UK society.

Through Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), we integrate ourselves from the outset of a scheme to fully familiarise ourselves with its requirements. On works that impact the lives of millions, we develop the design and detail a construction plan that benefits the unique operational and commercial needs of our customers and if appropriate their end users.

Working with local supply chain partners (SCPs) distributed throughout the country, we procure vital goods and services that are dependable and meet our exacting quality and performance requirements. Our ongoing relationships with our SCPs create lasting, positive impacts on surrounding communities whilst supporting the stability and sustainability of the national economy.

Equipped with a fully coordinated arsenal of design and construction resources, we work with valued customers across hard and soft infrastructures. In addition to delivering across most infrastructure sectors, our robust project experience encompasses a specialist focus on water and highway works.

In the water sector we support our customers in creating and upgrading water and wastewater assets, along with developing flooding and tidal defence works. The safe, timely and even distribution of this asset is fundamental to our stakeholders, and we are proud to maintain and protect supply for customers such as Northumbrian Water, Wessex Water, Thames Water and Yorkshire Water.

We also flex our strategic, operational and commercial resources across in the highways sector with frameworks catering to England’s strategic and local road network. We have nurtured a longstanding relationship with Highways England, and we are actively involved in local authority frameworks to deliver key safety, capacity and lifecycle upgrade projects that help bolster and diversify the local economy.

Throughout our projects, we harness our in-house Temporary Traffic Management Service to maintain the interconnectivity of public and private organisations. This logistics team advances the programme whilst minimising disruptions to road users and their professional and personal needs.